Friday, November 16, 2007

Find Out How Chelsea Performed Last Season

Chelsea FC

Much was expected of Chelsea last season as they had added to their already impressive squad, the likes of Andrei Shevchenko, Michael Ballack and Ashley Cole, all, human race social class performers. They unfortunately allow travel of participants like Damien Duff, Henry Martin Robert Huth and most especially William Gallas.

The greatest job I had with them initially was how they were going to suit in all their participants into a system that would work sufficiently well to constitute a great team. My fearfulnesses were never allayed as throughout they played with a batch of committedness and passion, with a never-say-die mental attitude but with small craft and coherency in their play.

It was usually hoof the ball up to Drogba, allow him outmuscle his opposition and either mark a dramatic end or do an opening. Their midfield was packed with powerfulness participants in the form of Ballack, Lampard, Essien, Obeah Mikel and Makele.

I could not for the life of me understand why they were made front-runners to win the champs conference as to me, to win the champs league, you necessitate 1 or 2 participants with that "je neon sai quoi" quality, the touching of Virginia Virginia Virginia voom. Chelsea make not have got that anybody in their ranks with that quality. Joe Kale and Arjen Robben are good but not what I would name Virginia Virginia Virginia voom.

They were luckless with hurts at assorted modern times to Cech, Terry, Cole, Bridge, Joe Cole, Robben, Carvalho and Essien. They also have got a batch of what I would term deadwood in their squad like Geremi who in the champs conference semifinal concluding against Liverpool, his lone undertaking was to come up on and mark a punishment and he travels on and misses.

He had been extremely mediocre all season as was Ferreira and Boularhouz, who was a shocker. Kallou and Mikel Obeah did not affect me that much at all. Cudicini, I blame was a complete allow down, he had stayed at Chelsea, even if he is good adequate to be first pick at most other teams, he finally have his opportunity to assist his baseball club then he acquires himself injured, allowing Hilario to be figure 1 with amalgamated results. The greatest letdowns though were no uncertainty Sheva and ballack, with Ballack often playing on sail control.

They did however have got some high points, including winning the Worthington cup, winning the Fa Cup, going to the Mestalla and winning, thereby becoming the first foreign squad to make so. The low points were losing 2-1 at Middlesboro, drawing at place to Villa, Bolton, Fulham and Reading and drawing away to Pancho Pancho Villa and Newcastle, consequences which ultimately be them their championship.

Losing on punishments to Liverpool in the champs conference though was the topper. At Anfield, they showed very small aspiration and most of their drama was Ashley getting the ball and just launching towards Drogba.

Impressive public presentations came from Michael Essien, who was just immense, David Ricardo Carvalho who was also supreme in very harmful statuses and Diarra, who impressed me at right back.

Player of the season was undoubtedly Didier Drogba who was just magnificent, the lone down side for me is his inclinations to remain down on the land for a more than clip than he should. Mourinho, with all he had to cover with last season, injuries, jobs with Abramovich and his squad not being good enough, acquires my ballot for director of the season. To accomplish what he did whilst dealing with a batch of distractions, takes a very particular one.

Ratings 7/10

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