Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is This The Year When Liverpool Reclaims the English Premiership Title

For the last 17 years, Liverpool and its fans have got been life in the shadows of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea as the three predominate the English Premiership (EPL). Without a League statute title to its name for the past 17 old age since 1990, this season however may turn out to be different.

With the support of new proprietors Mister Hicks and Mister Gillett, Rafa Benitez have spent wisely over the stopping point season by bringing strength to each of the position. Thus making certain that Liverpool would have got at least 2 participants to take from for each of the position. This is of import as without strength and quality in depth, the squad would be endure in competitions if hurts started cooping up. Hence with the transportation of Ferando Torres, Andriy Voronin, Ryan Babel, Yossi Benayoun, George Lucas Levia, Sebastian Latona and Prince Charles Itandje into the squad for the 2007-2008 season, Liverpool looks well prepared for the new season.

Upfront, the transportation of Torres in especially is highly anticipated by the fans as the solution to the scoring sufferings that blight the squad for the last few seasons. Thus far, this have got proven to be true as all four strikers, Torres, Kuyt, Voronin and Crouch have opening their business relationships for Liverpool.

In midfield, finally Benitez have realized the impact of playing Steven Gerrard in the center of the parkland and would play the Captain there. And with the further of Benayoun, Levia, Latona and Babel in, there are many more than picks or options for Benitez to take from. This is also indispensable as Benitez have got put out a squad in a lucifer that in his sentiment is the best against the opponents.

As for defense, not much alterations have been made to the first pick back four of Arbeloa-Agger-Carragher-Finnan and goalie being Reina. So far this season in the league, Liverpool have only conceded 2 ends from penalties. Thus the defence seen sound as always in a Benitez's team. However only a little concern on the Centre dorsums as if Carragher, Agger or Hypia is out, then there may be a job as there are no other recognized Centre back in the 1st team.

Back to league, another job for Liverpool over the season is the slow start it had made in the August or September. Reviewing 2006-2007 season, if Liverpool have managed to win more than games in the gap two months, then the conference race would be much closer. However so far, Liverpool have got made an first-class start to season, winning 3 games, drawing 1 and have a game in manus poetries West Ham.

The choice of the wins is the 6-0 destruction of Bowler Hat County with Torres scoring a brace. What do it more than impressive is that both Carragher and Gerrard were out injured. With that win Liverpool is first in the conference for the moment. Next up is Spurs.

If Liverpool can go on this rich vena in word form and have got no major hurt problems, this could well be the twelvemonth that Liverpool add the EPL statute title to the 18 it have previously won.

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