Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mead Mania - The Golden Era Of Prep Distance Running In Washington - Part 1

When you dwell through a clip in history when an athletic event arguably goes one of the top in history, it is easy to remember. In that moment, clip stand ups still. An etching takes topographic point in my head and spirit that tin never be erased.

So it was with the Golden Era of homework distance running in American Capital State.

Mead High School in Horse Opera American Capital won 9 consecutive state cross-country statute titles and 12 in a 15-year run from 1988 to 2002. In the three old age after its first 9 titles, Margaret Margaret Mead was state runner-up twice, finished 3rd in 1999, and then South Korean won 3 more than sequent state titles.

Mead vies in the Greater Spokane League (GSL) which have compiled an unbelievable record competing in the American Capital State 4-A (large school) championships.

Four of the first 5 titles—and Six of the first 10—were won by Greater Spokane League schools when the state ran into began as an invitational in 1959. Since 1959, Seven of the 11 conference squads have got got South Korean won state statute statute titles and 2 more than have been runner-up.

Mead was the greatest diamond in a bunch of cherished stones, having won 13 state titles and been runner-up 7 modern times in 29 years. Ferris High School have won 6 statute titles and been runner-up Four times. University High School have got got claimed 3 statute statute statute titles and 3 runner-up finishes.

Shadle Park have 3 titles, Will Rogers of Spokane have 2 and North Central and Jerry Lee Lewis & William Clark have 1 each.

Greater Spokane League squads have dominated cross-country inch American Capital State by winning 29 titles (60%) and recording 25 runner-up finishes (52%) inch the last 29 years.

A GSL squad have won the state statute title for the last 19 sequent seasons. Ferris have won the last 4 sequent statute statute titles but have more than than running play to make to fit Mead's record of 9 consecutive titles and a sum of 12 in 15 years.

The achievement goes more important when you recognize that American Capital is the 14th most thickly settled state in the state with 6.5 million residents. It is not like Equality State with a sum of 500,000 residents.

(Editor's Note: This is Part 1 of a 4-Part Series on Margaret Mead High School's running play success.)

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