Sunday, July 1, 2007

Soccer Game Plan - The Objectives Every Youth Soccer Coach Should Have in Common

Depending on the competitiveness of your league, the objectives of your gameday plan will vary. Some coaches may be "coaching to win," while others are simply trying to make sure each player gets an equal amount of playing time.

Regardless of your situation, I have a few pieces of coaching advice that any volunteer youth soccer coach can benefit from.

Your general practice plan, that is the broader objectives of what you are trying to do at practice, should be rooted in developing the kids on your team into better individual and team players. You make them better individually by improving their ball skills mostly. Work on trapping, dribbling and passing and your players should become more comfortable with the ball.

As far as making them better team players, you do this a number of different ways, both on and off the field. Make sure they treat each other respectfully at practice and even at school, if possible. Trust and respect amongst team members is necessary for true teamwork.

On the field, communication is key and the more you practice together the better it will develop. Heavy passing drills force players to talk, get open for each other and learn to play together. As they become more comfortable playing together hopefully they will blossom into a real team, one where everyone pulls for each other and gives it their all. There are lots of other creative ideas for improving the togetherness of your soccer team.

Every youth soccer coach should strive to achieve the goal of making the players on their team better, both individually and collectively, and these progressive practices will help make the job easier.

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