Monday, June 25, 2007

Soccer Success

The most lucrative sport in the world is soccer, or better still football with great players like Michael Ballack, Ronaldinho, Rio Ferdinand and a host of others earning a weekly bonus that will pay a Law or Medicine graduate for at least a month. The richest club in the world is Manchester United (MU) having revenue of over 700 million pounds. Are you talented looking for how to get started and start making exploit in football, this will help you get started. This are tips to getting started.

Develop a habit of playing with the team. In reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo excessive leg -over, wasteful dribbling and unethical crosses in his first season with MU, Alex Ferguson told C Ronaldo that only him cannot make a team but only him can make an impact's make success you must play alongside the team. It is only team that works together wins together. Do not play to impress the coach or observer in a trial test. Play alongside the team, no player gets contract trying to please the coach with dribbles but teamwork does it. Play to the team's taste, please your team; you will be a great player if you do this.

Another thing. Get a FIFA registered agent that will help you build your career, advise you and help you get a club. Be careful in choosing your agent because an agent may either build up or build down your career. Look for responsible agent or manager that will help your career and advise you in achieving your goal or aim. John Obi Mikel chooses John Shittu, Okocha chooses peter schelhaas choose one for yourself. Donot forget John Shittu was there for Mikel in the controversial deal that involved Chelsea, MU and Lyn Oslo. Peter Schelhaas also help Okocha in securing the most expensive deal that involved an African in the last millennium – a $20 million deal. Great did I hear you say! Get a good agent and you will be involved in a deal greater than Zidane's most expensive deal in the world.

Don't be money conscious. In essence, do not think you are getting a million dollar at the beginning of your career things happen gradually and you will surely get to the pinnacle of your career at the appointed time. Nevertheless, you are an outstanding player and no one deserves to get you freely. so don't sell yourself cheaply. That is why you must have a responsible agent.

If you follow the steps above, you will great fame and money. Remember all this will work if you are an already made player and maintains your fitness. Be wise play with the team,get a FIFA registered agent, do not be money conscious.

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